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Pro-Social Crypto Games

Forking Humanity by incenting social architects to maximize Generative Governance (starting with crypto)

A Clear Path to Transcendence

Does using Planguage move us closer to empowering HumaneKind?

Communal Decision-Making w/Tom Gilb

Numbers are necessary, but not sufficient, for robust multi-dimensional decisions

Datocracy: Data-Consciousness

Can a better relationship to data enable greater humanity?

Datocracy: Individuality Within Community

The Big Question, Data Ownership Edition: how to honor individuality without sacrificing community?

Datocracy: Manifesto Culture

Do manifestos shape or substitute for culture? Can we do better?

Datocracy: Forking Culture

Can we create a culture that is easy to fork while still preserving a culture of forking?

Datocracy: Semantics into Syntax

How do we scale our best ideals beyond our personal limitations?

Datocracy: Test of Earnest-ness w/Aneesh Karve of Quilt Data

Taming the elephant to create trustworthy data for better decisions

Datocracy: Meta-Reality

How to create a global culture that responsibly empowers local innovation for greater humanity

Datocracy: Computing Semantics

Words to marry digital precision with analog experiences

ZigZag 6: Docu-cracy

Perhaps all we need to fork humanity is a community devoted to publicly and authentically documenting every decision

ZigZag 5: Transparentism

Can reducing information asymmetry via cryptographic security cure what ails both capitalism and socialism?

ZigZag 4: Circling Values

Which "weird" ideas align with both our values and our long-term version?

ZigZag 3: Weirdly Smart Documentation

With special guest David G, Bruce brainstorms ideas for how to move the needle

ZigZag 2: HumaneKind Life & Stack

Bruce imagines both living and building his vision of semi-autonomous humane communities

ZigZag 1: Frustrated and Hopeful

Bruce explores his feelings as he begins the six-week Zig Zag Project

HODL_Boy, Crypto-Capitalist

Bruce strike out on his own to find his voice and community, with help from SubStack and crypto-currency

ExNext: Mac OS X 20th Anniversary

Apple and Next Engineers and Developers reminisce about the launch of Mac OS X 10.0 on March 24th, 2001

Minimum Viable Vision

In the Season 2 Finale, Bruce launches out on his quest to build art that can inspire generations

Make Art, Not Money

Bruce explains his multi-generational vision, which Prabhakar sees as more for an Artist than an Entrepreneur

Demand-Side Local Values

The Ernests wrestle with how to adapt global vision to local needs

A Bias Toward Community

How do balance the tension between moral principles, local autonomy, and large-scale collaboration

A Test of Virtue

How can we prove to ourselves and others what values we truly hold?

Core Values

Prabhakar interviews Bruce about which values matter most

Authentic versus Principled

How do reconcile society's need for shared principles with individual's needs for authenticity?

Mother-Forking Season 2

The Ernests shift from theory to practice, as they dissect Bruce's recent impassioned Facebook post

Beyond Moral Superiority

Can we build a system to create moral authority without requiring the illusion of moral superiority?

Moral Authority

Who gets to decide what is best for the community?

Mobility versus Loyalty

Should we be loyal the people of a community, or its principles?

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