Our world is in peril. Government officials do not reflect the interests of the communities that they are supposed to represent. Technology companies use hardware and software to control people and generate profits from their activities. Capitalism is used by powerful companies and plutocrats to take money from the majority of citizens through questionable and illegal activities. The natural resources of earth are being depleted to enrich a few individuals instead of benefiting all of humanity. Societies that call themselves civilized host people whose essential needs of food and shelter can go unmet. Some people with few resources resort to crime to obtain essential resources, or to satisfy their cravings for cocaine, heroin, opioids, and other drugs. We have to think outside the box to come up with effective and long-lasting solutions to these and other problems. In this podcast, the two Ernests analyze the current state of things, apply historical knowledge, and discuss possible solutions, some of them practical and easy to implement today, others idealistic and aimed at the humanity of the future. Dr. Ernest Prabhakar is a human systems designer with a Ph.D. in physics. Ernest Bruce is a technical writer, programmer, and thinker who considers technology the core of humanity, and its bridge to the future.
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