Datocracy: Forking Culture

Can we create a culture that is easy to fork while still preserving a culture of forking?
  1. Memes are transmitted via imitation (mimesis/memesis)
  2. Enables/requires consumers to become producers (cf editing Wikipedia)
  3. Solves the Datocrat's Conundrum (sticky semantics)
  4. The most generative system (reproduction + diversity) wins
  5. Masnick's Impossibility Theorem: Content Moderation At Scale Is Impossible To Do Well
  6. No more silent failures!
  7. Well-formed (syntax)
  8. Fungibility
  9. "The most reliable system [longest history] is also the most maladaptive."
  10. Cardano cryptocurrency
For next week:
  1. Machine-assisted context reconciliation (cf reconciling schemas)
  2. Constitution as syntax: what is the constitution of Datopolis?
  3. cf RTFM: The Revolutionary Transparency Manifesto
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