Datocracy: Semantics into Syntax

How do we scale our best ideals beyond our personal limitations?
  1. Elinor Ostrom “non-tragedy-commons” and Governing the Commons
  2. bitcoin-paves-a-way-for-evolution-of-the-species and neal-stephenson
  3. history-of-the-stock-market and history of money
  4. The_Cathedral_and_the_Bazaar and richard-stallman-epstein-scandal
  5. International Standard (History) and List_of_technical_standard_organizations
  6. Overview of ITU's History 
  7. benefits and pitfalls to the startup model of ‘scratching your own itch’.
An ordered list of Hard Things, for next week: 
  1. Developing a shared semantic understanding within a local context
  2. Encoding those semantics in a syntactic system that functions in that context
  3. Scaling that to other contexts -- especially via bottom-up voluntary adoption
  4. Honoring the original intent without becoming limited by it
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