Minimum Viable Vision

In the Season 2 Finale, Bruce launches out on his quest to build art that can inspire generations
Bruce reaffirms and doubles down on his commitment to develop an artistic vision that can inspire generations to pursue a more human-centered world order.

Prabhakar suggests that Bruces still faces the same challenges as in building a business, except instead of Product-Market fit he needs "Vision-Community" fit.  He also still needs to cross the chasm by offering something 5-10x better, even if it is competing on ideas rather than products.  For example, many of those dissatisfied with capitalism are already satisfied to Marxism, and therefore would not be early adopters of anything new.

Prabhakar challenged Bruce to write out his vision in full, then boil it down into something that at least person would like enough to share.  First make it compelling, then make it plausible. The best candidate Bruce came up with was "A World Without Bureaucracy."

We agreed to make this the final Episode of Season 2, with Season 3 being focused on actual documents (or other artifacts) as Bruce writes them.


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