A Clear Path to Transcendence

Does using Planguage move us closer to empowering HumaneKind?
After several videos with Tom Gilb (See https://youtu.be/8yEtL3KSfzY), the two Ernests stop to work out how and whether our current "Plan" of Datocracy is aligned with the initial vision of Smart Documents + Open Ecosystems as the building blocks of HumaneKind.

Our conclusion is that "Corporate Datocracy" (as represented by ValPlan and Planguage) is a useful stepping stone.  In particular, it pushes us to clearly articulate the "Value Objectives" needed to enable a "Public Datocracy," such as:
  • Open Format
  • Public Content
  • Ease of Adoption
Our belief is that iterating on this "Datocracy 0.1" exercise will both force and enable us to identify the requirements needed for a "Datocracy 1.0" platform, as well as a community to help us build it.
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