Communal Decision-Making w/Tom Gilb

Numbers are necessary, but not sufficient, for robust multi-dimensional decisions
  1. Clear Communication: Logical Language Logistics for Replies and Phrases (Book)
  2. Systems Enterprise Architecture (Book)
  3. 12? (Twelve Tough Questions Booklet)
  4. QUANTeer: The Art of quantifying your value ideas (Book) (Video)
  5. PLanalysis (Booklet)
  6. Specifying Quality Requirements With Planguage (
  7. PLanguage: A Software and Systems Engineering Language, for Evaluating Methods, and Managing Projects for Zero Failure, and Maximum ‘Value Efficiency’ (PDF)
  8. Value Requirements (Book) (Video)
  9. Governeering: Government Systems Engineering Planning (Book)
  10. Knowledge Education Nurture (Book)
  11. [UN] Sustainability Planning (Book) (YouTube)
Other References
  1. ValPlan, the ValueFirst Tool (7-day free trial)
  2. Abrahamic Unification (breaking bread together in the Middle East)
  3. Intelligibility vs Readability/Understandability (PDF)
  4. Deliberative Democracy (Wikipedia)
  5. Arrow's Paradox / Condorcet Paradox (Wikipedia)
  6. The Iron Law of Bureaucracy (Jerry Pournelle)
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